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Mac Osborne


Hello, I'm Mac Osborne and I am an artisan blacksmith working with steel and iron. Using a propane forge, an anvil, hammers and tongs that I've hand-crafted I pursue my craft.

I was born in Kingston, Ontario, but consider myself a native of Kincardine where I relocated to at an early age with my family. In those early years I spent many hours tinkering in my Granddad's  workshop and painting with my Grandma.   

I have had the opportunity to travel extensively exploring Europe, where I learned to appreciate classical and contemporary architecture.   My journey included crossing the Atlantic in a 110 foot schooner, also visiting  Australia and Hawaii where my love of organic shapes took hold from experiences at the Great Barrier Reef and the volcanoes of Hawaii.




& Training

I initially developed my blacksmith skills under Blacksmith David Robertson in Ontario also  attending the Artist Blacksmith Program at Haliburton School of the Arts.  In early 2016 I spent time in the United Kingdom forging  with Blacksmith William Smith  to further refine my skills.  

I opened my own forge in Kincardine, Ontario and started crafting furniture and restoring heirlooms for local clients. In early 2015 the call of the city and the opportunities it represents were the drivers for a relocation to Toronto.   

With the renewed interest in the art of the blacksmithing I'm enjoying teaching blacksmithing classes at the forge.

I’m living my dream, everyday I fire up my propane forge and the shop fills with a roaring hum. As the forge heats to more than 2,000 degrees and the steel begins heating I’m reminded of how much “I love blacksmithing”. “Whenever people see it, they’re like, what? This still exists? It’s so cool! It’s primal. It’s a hammer and you, and you’re moving steel.

Thanks for stopping by!